How to treat dry skin? | 8 best skin care tips for dry skin

If your skin type comes under dry skin than it must be really challenging for you to tackle to maintain the moisture of your skin. Dry skin can sometime feels uncomfortable, tight and dull. This type of skin needs a special type of skin care  to deal with this problem. Here are some of the skin care tips which have been discussed which may help you to say good bye to your dry skin.
skin care tips for dry skin
skin care tips for dry skin

Why do I have a dry skin?

 Before jumping into the skin care tips which is being discussed later, let us first understand that why do we face a problem of dry skin at all. The very main reason behind this is the lack of production of oil or sebum from the sebaceous glands under your skin which is responsible to keep your skin moisturized and lubricated.

But on the other hand the over-secretion of sebum from this gland can also cause a problem of oily skin and issues related to it such as acne. Basically it is necessary for the the treatment of dry skin that we make sure that the sebaceous gland and the production of sebum is properly maintained. The following skin care tips can help you in retaining the moisture of your dry skin.

What skin care tips should I follow?

Here are some skin care tips for dry skin which will minimize the problem and will help your skin to get rid of dullness and tightness bringing back the glow and brightness on your face.

Washing with lukewarm water

If you think that cleansing your skin with hot water helps you better than think again as washing your skin with hot water can actually lead your skin losing all its essential oils which can cause your skin to feel dry. The better option is to go for lukewarm water which will help in getting rid of dirt and germs on your skin but its mild temperature avoid your skin to dry up.

Use the right face-wash

Always go for a face-wash which does not have a property of drying your face even more. Choose a face-wash according to your skin type which retains the moisture of your skin. So choose your face-wash wisely.

Moisturize your skin

This is the only skin care tips on which I will be giving extra stress as moisturizing your skin by applying a good moisturizer just after having bath or even after washing your face will resolve more than half of your problem. Applying moisturizer in the morning and before going to bed after a bath or washing your face when the skin is damp, it helps the moisturizer to be more intact deeply into the skin.

Try to choose a good moisturizer which is longstanding. Also avoid scrubbing your face too harsh after washing. 


Exfoliating your skin helps in removing the dead skin cells from your skin which eventually removes dullness and adds brightness to your skin. Exfoliate your skin twice or thrice every week but if you have sensitive skin than try exfoliating only once a week.

Using a sunscreen

Some external factors are also responsible for your skin to become dry . It is mainly the pollution and the UV rays from the sun. So it becomes extremely important regardless of your skin type to use sunscreen before heading out in the sun. 

Lip conditioner on hand

Always try to keep a lip balm or a lip conditioner handy as your lips are the most sensitive part of your skin and tends to dry up ten times more, dry lips are not less than punishment specially in winters. Keep moisturizing your lips with a good lip conditioner.

Drink good amount of water 

Trust me this is the most basic and one of the most essential skin care tips which I could list down as this skin care tips is applicable for all skin types. Have at-least 8 glasses of water every day, this will keep your skin hydrated and will also help in proper functioning of your sebaceous gland.

Adding moisture into the air 

Now you must be thinking that adding moisture in our skin is what we must need  to do but how can we add moisture in the air? Your skin also depend on the environmental factor in which you are living in so it becomes utmost important to add moisture into the air by investing in a humidifier.
skin care tips for dry skin

 Whether the it's hot or cold you spend most of your time in air conditioners which causes your skin to get even more dry. Humidifier can help you to tackle this problem. It will help to put back the moisture into the air.


 These were some of the skin care tips for dry skin which I discussed hope this would have been beneficial for you all.

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