How to deal with oily skin? 9 best skin care tips for oily skin

Oily skin is one of the major issue which is being faced by most of the people and this not only creates dullness and unwanted shine on your face but also makes your skin prone to different other skin problems which may include acne,blackheads,whiteheads etc. Therefore it is much needed to follow some skin care tips which may help you overcome the issue of your skin being oily and sticky.

skin care tips for oily skin

Let me first make you aware that oily skin is not a very serious issue to hate upon but actually it is beneficial for your skin to keep it hydrated and it also make your skin ageing process slow as compared to dry skin as the oil or sebum produced by your skin keeps it hydrated , nourished and lubricated which prevents fine lines and wrinkles.

 What makes our skin look oily?

Now before jumping into the skin care tips let us first know that what causes the skin looks oily. As I mentioned earlier that our skin produces oil or sebum which is being produced by a gland which is present under our skin epidermal layer called the Sebaceous gland.

This gland secretes oil which is responsible for keeping our skin moisturised but the over-secretion of oil by this gland makes our skin look oily. Hormones are to be blamed for this cause, as during puberty the fluctuation of hormones take place due to which androgen is produced and the sebaceous gland matures leading in excess secretion of oil. this oil traps the skin pores which allow the germs and bacteria combining with dead skin cells to accumulate on the skin which causes other skin problems like acne, blackheads and whiteheads. 

What skin care tips should I follow?

To avoid oily skin and the problems related to it here are some skin care tips that I have discussed which can be followed to get rid of this unwanted glow on your face.

Wash your face 

Washing your face atleast twice daily - once in the morning and again in the evening with a good face wash containing salicylic acid of about 2%  makes your skin get rid of the oil on your face by breaking down the oil. You can also use a soap which is not really harsh basically go for a glycerine soap. After washing your face simply dry it up with a soft cloth.

Note - You may think that washing your face as much as possible can help you in getting oil free look but rather it will trigger the sebaceous gland in producing more oil which will make your skin oily in no time. So avoid over washing and scrubbing your face too hard.

Use toner

Using a toner after a washing your face makes the pH-balance of your face restored and also keeps the germs away. It keeps the moisture of your skin intact. prevent using an alcohol based toner which may lead to skin irritation and over-drying, always go for a water based toner. Always use a product which suits your sensitive skin.

Apply moisturiser

Most of the people don't apply moisturiser thinking it may cause the skin look more oily but this is not the right way as mooisturiser makes your skin healthy and hydrated. So it is highly recommended to apply moisturiser on your skin. Apply moisturiser containing humectant like glycerin and emollient like vitamin E.

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliate your skin 2-3 times a week which removes dead skin cells and oil from your skin. Use a mild face wash or scrubber to exfoliate but avoid scrubbing your face vigorously which could be harmful for sensitive skin.

Applying sunscreen

Don't be afraid of using a sunscreen on your skin when you are heading out in the sun as it may cause wrinkles and skin damage. If you want to avoid greasy and oily look caused by sunscreen than go for a water based sunscreen.

Drink Water

Another important skin care tips is that don't forget to keep your body hydrated every-time as it not only benefits your skin but is also beneficial for several aspects of your health. Drinking good amount of water reduces the secretion of oil from sebaceous glands! Drink atleast  eight glass of water everyday.

Avoid oily food

Avoid eating food which contains high amount of fat specially saturated fat which can lead to serious health issues and also triggers the sebaceous glands in producing more sebum which can also lead to acne. Avoid fried food rather go for steamed or grilled food.
Also avoid high intake of sugar which causes in excess insulin production in body which leads to oil production by the sebaceous gland.

You can have a good amount of fruits in your diet specially watermelon,apple,orange,lemon, etc which have a good water content keeping your skin hydrated and healthy.
Eating fruits is an important skin care tips that you should follow

Avoid stress

You may not believe but most of the skin related issue is also due to this particular factor which causes the production of sebum in excess which leads to oily skin and acne. When your body is stressed it produces a hormone called cortisol which leads to more oil production by the sebaceous gland. To avoid stress get enough sleep, eat proper and exercise regularly.

Remove makeup

Go for oil free make up product and also use a primer which is made for oily skin. Always use an ice cube over your face before applying make up. This is again an important skin care tips.

These were some of the best skin care tips which you can apply to get rid of your oily skin and also the problems related to oily skin.

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